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You’ve just purchased a home, maybe your first one. All the paperwork has been signed and you are already anxiously anticipating the closing date, but what else should you be doing? The following is a list to help guide you through the next steps in preparing to move into your new home:

  • Retain a real estate lawyer
  • Obtain house insurance
  • Hire moving company or rent moving truck (friends not included)
  • Pack and purchase moving supplies if necessary
  • Register children at new school, if applicable
  • Schedule re-visits, leaving the second re-visit closer to closing date
  • Arrange to disconnect telephone, cable, internet at current address, as applicable
  • Make arrangements for all of the above at new address
  • Contact local utility companies to disconnect services at present address, if applicable
  • Contact local utility companies to arrange for services at new address
  • Complete change of address card at post office (there is a fee for this)
  • Notify all service providers, financial institutions, government, employer, etc. of new address
  • Update driver’s license, OHIP card, etc. with new address
  • Contact lawyer approximately two weeks prior to closing to ensure they have received all closing documents and make appointment
  • Go to new house on day you take possession to ensure all appliances, etc. are in good working order (even if you are not moving in that day)
  • If no recycling or compost bins left behind, pick up new ones, free of charge, from Halton Waste Management Site located at 1151 Bronte Road in Oakville

Hope this list helps. If you feel I’ve left anything out, or would like to provide your feedback, I encourage you to leave a comment.

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